Lower Falls House Concerts

Since 2008, musicians have come to our home from around the world and throughout the USA, playing over 60 concerts for attentive audiences in an intimate setting.  Food, fellowship, fun and great music make for a very special event.  The suggested donation at the door is typically $15 to $20, all of which goes to the musicians.  


Thanks for supporting live music and hope to see you soon!

                                                              Jim and Kate


Email lfhconcerts@gmail.com for reservations and more information.  We are located in Greenfield, MA.  Directions provided with confirmed reservations.


#63   September 7th, 2019 - John Coster

                Pot-luck Dinner 6 PM, Concert at 7 

John Coster is one of America's most eloquent songwriters and a longtime contributor to the revival of traditional music. He is a distinctive singer and guitarist and a true pioneer among Celtic harmonica players. During time spent In Canada, he was influenced greatly by Cape Breton's fiddlers and the guitar playing of John Allen Cameron, the "Godfather of Canadian Celtic music". As a songwriter and bandleader, he has recorded seven albums and regularly performed with some some of America's best folk and roots rock musicians. John's music blends an edgy but refined song writing style with deep roots in traditional music.



#64 October 20th, 2019  -  Mark Stuart

                              Pot-luck Dinner 6 PM, Concert at 7


Mark Stuart, along with his wife Stacey Earle, played at the first house concert we attended.  We were so inspired that we decided to start our own house concert series.  Stacey doesn't tour anymore, but she and Mark played three times for full houses at our old home in Newton.  Mark played a great solo show in our last concert before we moved to Greenfield and we are thrilled to have him play in our new home. 




#65 December 14th, 2019 - Danielle Miraglia

                          Pot-luck 6 PM Concert at 7


"Danielle is a dynamic and captivating musician; her rich soulful voice and blues guitar mastery resonate in a performance both rare and unforgettable." 


We've seen Danielle play several times and are excited to have her come to our home.  She is a unique and engaging performer, whether playing her bluesy originals or belting out a Janis Joplin cover.   



#66 Jan. 20th, 2020 - Lissa Schneckenburger & Corey DiMario


The traditional music of New England can be as warm and comforting as a winter fire or as potent and exhilarating as a summer thunderstorm. Fiddler and singer Lissa Schneckenburger is a master of both moods: a winsome, sweet-voiced singer/songwriter and a skillful, dynamic fiddler who captures the driving rhythm and joy of dance tunes old and new.  Double-bassist and tenor guitarist Corey DiMario is one of the most sought after accompanists in the acoustic music scene. He has performed at major festivals and concert venues across North America, Europe and Australia.



#67    February 9th, 2020 - Kyle Carey


Kyle Carey’s unique trans-Atlantic fusion includes influences of the American Folk Anthology, the traditional music of Cape Breton, Ireland and Scotland, and the Appalachian poetry of Louise McNeill. A fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker, Kyle has released three albums— all critically acclaimed, and all a direct and compelling expression of her distinctive ‘Gaelic Americana’ sound.




#68   March 29th, 2020 - JP Cormier


Cape Breton's JP Cormier returns for the third straight year and we couldn't be more pleased.  If you haven't seen this larger-than-life performer yet, this is your chance.  A wizard on guitar, mandolin and fiddle, he is also a gifted singer-songwriter.  JP is a major star in Canada and has a growing following in the US, where he tours regularly.



#69 April 19, 2020 - Pamela Means Jazz Project


Pamela Means is a singer/songwriter, jazz musician, educator, and activist.  She and her 3 piece band play a variety of jazz standards interspersed with originals and surprising covers of Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell, among others.  We hosted Pamela in a great solo gig at our old home in Newton and are looking forward hearing her sweet voice and guitar accompanied by sax, bass, and drums.




#70 May 17, 2020 - Tina and Her Pony


Tina & Her Pony are an American indie folk duo based in Asheville, North Carolina, United States, consisting of Tina Collins and Quetzal Jordan, who began making music together in early 2009. The duo delivers a gentle folk music that inexorably swells into a powerful wave. Their approach to music feels at once old-timey and totally modern. They exhibit an enviable versatility on several instruments—Collins on tenor banjo, tenor ukulele, and guitar, and Jordan on cello and guitar—and they blend their voices to create harmonies that wrap listeners in sound.



#71     June 6, 2020 - New Leaf     



New Leaf is a Trad Irish band featuring John Tabb on button accordion, Kira Jewett on fiddle, and Adam Braunschweig on guitar, vocals and anything else he happens to bring on a typical evening - could be harmonica, tenor banjo or even an octave mandolin.  Together they play traditional tunes with tight, driving rhythm, interspersed with Adam's unique take on Ireland's song repertoire.  




#72 September 20, 2020 - Sofia Talvik

Unmistakably Nordic in flavor, Sofia Talvik somehow still conforms to American interpretations of her own original music, a North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy.  Sofia tours extensively and we actually finalized her booking while she was on a ferry in New Zealand!


#73   November 1, 2020 - Lynne Hanson


LYNNE HANSON from Ottawa is known for her hard-living style of music, mixing gritty ballads with driving roots-tinged guitar.   Her deep bluesy croon is pure and full of fortitude, and she's drawn comparisons to Lucinda Williams, with a touch of Gillian Welch thrown in. Lynne is a dynamic performer who tours Canada, the US and Europe and is leaves appreciative audiences everywhere she goes.




#74   May 16, 2021 - Emerald Rae


Fiddler and folksinger Emerald Rae brings the duo of strings and song to a new plateau with mesmerizing dexterity. Hailing from the historic fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Emerald Rae is both a small-town girl steeped in cherished folk traditions and a world-class artist breaking new ground with inventive fiddle effects.






Videos from some of the artists

who have performed

in our home... have a

look and a listen.

Dayna Kurtz

New Orleans

JP Cormier Cape Breton

Don White     Lynn, MA

Cliff Eberhardt featuring Louise Mosrie           MA

Otter Creek              Utah

Jackie Bristow New Zeal.

Rani Arbo/Greg Ryan CT/VT

Outrageous Fortune MA

Tracy Grammer/Jim Henry    MA

The Rough & Tumble from the Road

Mark Stuart          Tenn.

Pamela Means            MA

Matt/Shannon Heaton MA

Dan Frechette/Laurel Thomsen Manitoba/CA

Alex Smith Long Lake,NY

Boxcar Lilies             MA

Lucy Wise          Australia

Ari and Mia                 MA

Thea Hopkins              MA

Regie Gibson              MA

Old Man Luedeke      Nova Scotia

Eric McDonald/ Will Woodson  Canada/USA

Passerine                    FL

The Whiskey Boys     MA

Annalise Emerick    Tenn.

Ina Mae Wool/Bev Grant NYC

Stretch Dawrson        UK  Rich Dubois RIP         MA

Rob Morseberger RIP    NY

Claudia Schmidt    MI/CT

Mark Stuart and Stacey Earle                     Tenn

Cidny Bullens       Maine

Larry Zarella from Alaska - our 1st concert

Dean Stevens             MA

Pete Morton                UK

Beth Desombre          MA

Roy Schneider              FL

Janet Robin           LA, CA

Jay Mankita                MA

Alicia McGovern      Utah

Jon Brooks          Toronto

Susan Gibson         Texas

Adler & Hearn        Texas